Official Visits

District 1

Home District of Jerry Hounshell, Grand Warder



District 2


District 3

District 4



District 6

Home District of Sister Maxine Mullins, Grand Chaplain


Sister Maxine Mullins’ Reception

District 8

Home District of Linda Pearce, Grand Secretary

District 10


District 12

Home District of Kelly Hawker, Associate Grand Matron and Robbin Hall, Grand Conductress






District 13



District 14

Home District of Kay Lynch, Grand Electa




District 15

Home District of Howard Mason, Associate Grand Patron




District 16






District 17

District 18

District 19










District 20

District 23

Home District of Pauline Orr, Grand Martha







Anne Moore, GGCCM and Pauline Orr, Grand Martha

District 23 Brunch Reception


 District 25



Capital Area Initiatory Breakfast in Richmond – August 5th




District 26

Home District of Pam Brooks, Grand Lecturer






District 29

District 31






Cleo’s Picnic




District 32

Kempsville No. 173

Home District of Marcia Perry, Worthy Grand Matron and Jackie Ganter, Grand Adah



Lynnhaven Chapter No. 184

  District 33

District 37

Home District of Meg Witt, Grand Ruth



District 38

Home District of Susan Scott, Associate Grand Conductress


District 39

Home District of Trish Morris, Grand Marshal





Breakfast Reception for Trish Morris, Grand Marshal







District 40


District 41

Home District of Donald Strehle, Worthy Grand Patron





District 42




District 47




District 49

District 51

Home District of Patricia Hughes, Grand Esther


District 57





North Carolina Official Visit – Elizabeth City