Exchange Visit: MD, WI, VA – August 13, 2022

Exchange Visit MD, WI, VA in DC

August 13, 2022, at the Belmont Mansion



The first photo above shows the   Worthy Grand Matrons and Worthy Grand Patrons who attended the Exchange Visit.  In order from left to right, they were
Brother Douglas Moorhouse, WGP, WI and Sister Tammy Hundhausen, WGM, WI
Brother Robert Starr, WGP, DC and Sister Beverly Gurner, WGM, DC
Sister Carol Newman, WGM, MD and Brother Richard Naegele, WGP, MD
Sister Laura Babbitt, WGM, VA and Brother Bret Shifflett, WGP, VA were unable to attend due to attending an Official Visit in Virginia that day.