Special Appointments for Virginia (2021-2024)

General Grand Chapter Committee Members

Barbara Davis Flanagan, PGM International Peace Garden Chapel
Vernon L. Dockins, PGP Service Dogs
Kathy S. Miles, PGM Chair, Shrine Charities
Kelly L. O’Malley, PGM Parliamentarian
E. Van Pearce, PGP International Headquarters
Marcia L. Perry, PGM Co-Chair, Ritual
William C. Rennagel, PGP. Youth      

General Grand Chapter
Triennial Special Assembly Committee  

Faithful Notes

Ray L. Bunnell, PGP
Ruth H. Smith-Fraser, PGM
Cathy G. Childress, PGM Assistant to the RWG Conductress 
Donna J. McIlwee, PGM Personal Page to the RWG Secretary

General Grand Chapter Deputy  & Triennial Assembly Committee

Fe Abarquez-Suaco, PM (169) Chair, Deputies in the Philippines
Judy Plemmons (169)               Personal Page to the MWGM
Gina Sloniker, PM (42) Assistant to the RWAGP








David Sawyer, PP (99) Chair, Sale of Who’s Who/Calendars